M Jason Parent (d20hound) wrote,
M Jason Parent

Call if Spotted

So, Thursday night we had a big thunderstorm. The spotted dog got terrified, broke through my parents' screen door, and hid in their house. Once the storm was over, they kicked him out. Then the second (much louder and scarier) storm hit. Friday morning, there was no sign of the spotted one.

Friday night when I got home from work, the word was out, the dog was gone. Time to make posters and go looking for him (last time this happened was about 7 years ago when we had fireworks on the farm - he moved onto someone's porch about 10 km from here).

Today, my parents found him. Hiding in their basement. He had torn open another screen and jumped into the basement. Because there was water there (sump pump) he was ok for a day or so. When my dad called him from the top of the basement stairs, he didn't come because he had already crapped down there and knew he was in trouble.

Dex already made posters for the little shit. What I found funny was the last line - "Call if spotted". Stupid dog is spotted from head to tail.
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