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I fucked up huge.

Huge doesn't even begin to describe it.

Dextra needs your support right now.

July in Canada

You know it's July in Canada when you see them unloading the snowmobiles from the truck.

Winter's almost here!


(photo would be closer, but it was raining out and I'm made of sugar)

Call if Spotted

So, Thursday night we had a big thunderstorm. The spotted dog got terrified, broke through my parents' screen door, and hid in their house. Once the storm was over, they kicked him out. Then the second (much louder and scarier) storm hit. Friday morning, there was no sign of the spotted one.

Friday night when I got home from work, the word was out, the dog was gone. Time to make posters and go looking for him (last time this happened was about 7 years ago when we had fireworks on the farm - he moved onto someone's porch about 10 km from here).

Today, my parents found him. Hiding in their basement. He had torn open another screen and jumped into the basement. Because there was water there (sump pump) he was ok for a day or so. When my dad called him from the top of the basement stairs, he didn't come because he had already crapped down there and knew he was in trouble.

Dex already made posters for the little shit. What I found funny was the last line - "Call if spotted". Stupid dog is spotted from head to tail.

The Dorky Gun Nut

So, I only half-maintain my gunporn website from time to time, but today I finally found something that merges my tech-geekism and gun-geekism.

It's a bluetooth headset. And you hang up by pulling the trigger.

"Good bye honey, I love you" CLICK.

I want it almost as much as I want a good handgun mouse.

Cyberpunk DJing Memetastic ENnies

New Guillotine mix is up at guillotine_101 - I mixed this one well over a month ago, and have no idea why I haven't posted it yet. Anyways, it's up finally, and I'm looking forward to DJing twice this coming week - the first gig is particularly exciting, I'm guest DJ for Jairus' Ad-ver-sary CD release party at Zaphod's on Tuesday. The second gig is my first Saturday night at Re-Vamp, which switched from Sundays to Saturdays as of this weekend. This is pretty huge - I believe the last time we had a weekend slot in the scene was when Gina was DJing at Thunderdome in Hull (I used to fill in for her and help her out a couple times a month). That was somewhere around 13-15 years ago now. Wow.

Last night was a CyberPunk 2020 game - haven't played in a couple of months and I do miss the setting, although it's nearly time to kill this campaign as I'm having a hard time holding it together so we can go back to sandbox-style games with the new rules set that I've got 90% done. Highlight of the game? Sooch is back.

And right now I'm *supposed* to be entering product data in for the ENnie nominations, which I'm about 1/3 done.

Here's that "Bold things you have done meme"
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No internet at the pharm. We transitioned from Storm (our provider for the past X years) to Explornet on Friday (not by choice - Explore bought Storm's rural wireless network in our area), and by Saturday night the hardware had died.

Posting from work.

So if you need to get ahold of Dex or myself, tag us by phone.

Pop Mentos

Somewhere after watching the roller-derby girls skate by on the beach, I remember clearly pulling out a big orange roll of candies (like an orange mentos package). Except it said "Crisk. - Beute" on it, and it was a pop music compilation of top 40 hits... including that track:

Don't ask me why that track in particular - it's not like I've been listening to it a lot lately (although it does appear on one of my recent mixes - guillotine 213 - but I've been listening to guillotine 214 and 215 this week.

But yeah, "industrial" pop music mentos man.

The "relaxing" long weekend is on it's way!

As soon as work is done today I haul ass 2 hours to Montreal, with a 10 minute stopover at home to drop off my laptop and pick up a change of clothes.

Tonight is the Kinetik Festival in Montreal. I'll be missing the first act (Cenotype) and getting there just in time for Synnack.

Then at 08:00pm it's Distorted Memory, 08:50pm Headscan, 09:45pm Memmaker (awesome local act), 10:45pm Rabia Sorda, 11:50pm Funker Vogt (a lot of people are going for the FV show, but I think of FV as one of the three bands that destroyed what I love about industrial music), 01:00am Kiew (AWESOME!) and finally 02:00am Noisuf-X (more kick-ass). The night ends at 3:00 am, and I drive back to Tyg's place in Montreal and crash.

Tomorrow at 3pm the doors open again for the noise night... PerfectionPlastic, Sorehead, Tonikom, Displacer, Iszoloscope, Empusae, Mono No Aware, Xotox (I fucking LOVE this band), Terrorfakt (awesome), Feindflug (also awesome), This Morn' Omina (worth the ticket price alone) and finally Sonar (no clue).

At around 3:30 am, I grab Drippy who is here from Alberta for the festival, and we drive back the 2 hours to Ottawa, arriving circa 5:30 - 6:00 am. I'll drop off Drippy at a friend's place (Nick and Tara, how do you feel about a Drippy on your doorstep at 6 am?), and drive to the Hotel.

The Hotel?

Yeah, tonight the Gelflings are dancing at a show in Ottawa. Tomorrow they are competing at an Irish Dance Competition in Montreal (same city I'll be in, but they compete when I'll be trying to catch up on sleep). And then tomorrow night they drive to Ottawa and Dex sets up the late registration table at the Hotel in Ottawa for the Irish Dance competition there on Sunday that Dex is the registrar for. Dex has been incredible at this job, putting in mega-long hours every night (last night was the first time this week that I went to bed after she did). Super impressed with how well she's handling it. And can't wait for it to be over to be honest.

So I arrive at the hotel at 6:30-ish, and we head out to set up the feis at 7:30... I'm noticing a distinct lack of sleep in here. Oh well. I help set up the feis and then once things are underway stick around to see G1 dance at least once before I crawl away and find somewhere to sleep for a few hours.

Because I'm DJing Sunday night, the last part of the night - 1:00 to 2:30 am.

It's going to be a fucking RIOT I tell you!

(And I've had to skip a gaming convention happening in Ottawa to fit this in...)